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Can a Sleep Diary Help Diagnose Sleep Apnea?

August 9, 2022

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Feeling more tired than usual lately? If you’re getting a full night of rest, you may be wondering why it doesn’t always feel like it. It’s a good idea to schedule a visit with your sleep doctor in Wesley Chapel to discuss your symptoms. In preparation for your appointment, you can keep a sleep diary to help you determine the quality of your rest. Read on to learn how this journal can give you and your doctor valuable insight that can aid in the diagnosis of sleep apnea.

What Is a Sleep Diary?

Essentially, a sleep diary is a record of how well you sleep and the factors that could be affecting your quality of rest. If you want to start one, you can find templates online or download a convenient app on your smartphone. Some information your sleep diary may include are:

  • Your bedtimes and wake times
  • How often you get up throughout the night
  • Amount of alcohol and caffeine you consume, as well as when you consume it
  • Your medications
  • When and how much you exercise
  • Types of stress and emotion you experience
  • How rested and refreshed you feel

How Can a Sleep Diary Aid in Diagnosis?

A sleep diary will give you and your doctor valuable insight into your overall quality of rest. You’ll be able to see which factors could be influencing your sleep. Of course, the diary alone is not enough to diagnose a sleep disorder, which is why you’ll need to take it with you when you have your appointment. During your visit, your doctor will review and inquire about the data you’ve recorded. Based on your discussion, they may recommend you undergo a sleep study to determine whether or not you have a sleep disorder.

Is a Sleep Diary Necessary?

Not really, but it’s quite useful for people who aren’t like the average sleep apnea patient. Several doctors lack extensive training in sleep apnea, which is why they’re often predisposed to think that only overweight men suffer from it. That line of thinking prevents them from considering it as a diagnosis for other groups of people. A sleep diary can help your doctor get a better understanding of your symptoms.

If you haven’t been sleeping well lately, consider starting a sleep diary. It may be exactly what you need to identify the root of the problem and help you take your first step towards seeking treatment!

About the Practice

At Nelson Dental Sleep Medicine, we offer FDA-approved alternatives to CPAP therapy to help patients get back to sleeping soundly and feeling well-rested. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will do everything possible to relieve patients of sleep apnea symptoms. If you need help starting your sleep diary, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance. You can make an appointment via our website or call (813) 733-4169.

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