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Combined CPAP & Oral Appliance Therapy in Land O'Lakes

CPAP machine maskNo two patients have the same smiles or oral health concerns, and for that reason, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all sleep apnea solution. In some cases, oral appliance therapy or CPAP alone is not enough to relieve sleep apnea, but at Nelson Dentistry & Dental Sleep Medicine, our skilled team may be able to offer superior comfort with combined oral appliance and CPAP therapy. Dr. Jay A. Nelson works with each patient to develop the ideal sleep apnea treatment plan to improve quality of sleep, overall health, and quality of life.

CPAP Therapy

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment uses a facial mask covering the mouth and/or nose to force air down the throat into the lungs preventing patients from experience occurrences of breathing cessation. By keeping the airway open and supplying adequate levels of oxygen, patients are able to sleep soundly through the night. This time tested sleep apnea treatment solution offers patients predictable results with consistent nightly wear. Unfortunately, many patients are CPAP intolerant experiencing significant discomfort and inability to sleep while using their CPAP system increasing the rate of noncompliance. Most patients are able to adjust to the sounds, scents, and sensations of CPAP therapy after a few weeks of nightly wear. Other patients struggle to adjust to the feeling of air being forced into their throat, bulky attachments, and loud noises making CPAP therapy a less successful treatment.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine as the first line of defense for those patients who suffer from snoring without sleep apnea, experience CPAP intolerance, and those with mild to moderate apnea, oral appliance therapy restores patients’ ability to sleep peacefully through the night. Oral appliances shift the jaw slightly forward placing pressure on soft tissue and the tongue in order to keep the throat and airway clear during sleep. The comfortable, portable appliance is easy to wear and remove, clean, and bring along while traveling even on planes. Not all patients experience adequate relief when using an oral appliance alone, and for those patients with severe sleep apnea, oral appliances may not offer enough relief.

Combined Treatment

Combining CPAP and oral appliance therapies allows patients to achieve optimal comfort and effective treatment. In order to achieve results close to those possible with combined therapy, patients would need to use the CPAP system on its highest settings which is extremely difficult for patients to get used to. On high settings CPAP often leads to dry mouth, headaches, and significantly increased incidence of non-compliance. Combined treatment allows patients to sleep free from apnea events with CPAP used on lower settings for reduced discomfort, lower noise levels, and improved compliance. Even the most severe sleep apneics experience superior symptom relief with combined therapy, and by using the compact, portable oral appliance while traveling, there are no gaps in treatment. This is especially important for those patients who travel frequently by plane.

Who Should Consider Combined Therapy?

While combined therapy may sound like a miracle cure, no treatment is right for every patient. During a sleep apnea consultation, Dr. Nelson and his team carefully explore the results of sleep testing, and help patients find the right solution. Combined therapy is most often recommended in the following situations:

Benefits of Combined Therapy

Like any sleep apnea treatment we recommend to our patients from Wesley Chapel and throughout Pasco County, combined CPAP and oral appliance therapy offers a number of benefits including:

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Contact the team at Nelson Dentistry & Dental Sleep Medicine to find out more about sleep apnea and treatment options or to schedule an appointment today. If you’ve tried CPAP therapy and experienced intolerance or non-compliance or are unhappy with the results of oral appliance treatment, visit our Lutz, FL practice to find out more about combined therapy. The first step is scheduling a complimentary consultation. During your consultation, we review past treatment, sleep test results, and other diagnostics to determine whether combined therapy is best option to help you sleep soundly and breathe easy. We’re always happy to help. Contact us any time with questions or concerns.