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Treat Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliance Therapy in Lutz, Wesley Chapel, & Land O'Lakes

oral applianceWhile many patients we treat believe that a CPAP system is the only treatment option for obstructive sleep apnea, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine agrees that oral appliance therapy from a qualified dentist can be an effective option for patients suffering from OSA. This is great news for those sleep apnea sufferers who are deemed CPAP intolerant due to an inability to adjust to the loud sounds, forced air, and facial masks used during CPAP treatment.


When Should You Consider an Oral Appliance?

In many cases, oral appliance therapy is viable alternative to CPAP treatment offering patients comfortable, portable, effective solutions.

An Alternative for CPAP Intolerant Patients

If you’ve ever gone through CPR training, you know that the first step is opening the airway by positioning the jaw slightly forward. Oral appliance therapy works using this same method. Each custom-crafted nightguard gently shifts the jaw’s resting position forward opening the airway and preventing incidences of sleep apnea. These custom designed oral appliances offer maximum comfort for improved patient compliance, are easy to position and remove, allow for simple cleaning, and can be conveniently stored in a compact for travel. CPAP intolerant patients often find oral appliance therapy to be the preferred treatment alternative.

What Should I Expect with an Oral Appliance?

Though most sleep apnea patients report a significantly less uncomfortable and shorter adjustment period using oral appliance therapy compared with CPAP, there are still some common side effects patients should expect when consistently wearing an oral device. Effects are usually very minor and recede within a few weeks of use. These effects include:

Recommendations from the AASM and the AADSM

As is true in most medical specialties, there are two professional organizations that set the standards of patient diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of sleep apnea: The American Academy of Sleep medicine (AASM) and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). Both organizations offer guidance, certification for doctors and practices, and continuing education. As the first practice in the state of Florida to be certified by the AADSM, Nelson Dentistry & Dental Sleep Medicine strives to raise the bar for sleep apnea treatment for patients from Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, and all of Tampa Bay.

According to recommendations and research from the AASM and AADSM, patients should seek treatment with oral appliance therapy in the following situations:

Dr. Jay A. Nelson and his team of skilled dental practitioners offer comfortable, convenient oral appliance and combined therapy for patients. If you are interested in finding out more about oral appliance therapy to restore restful, rejuvenating sleep, contact our Lutz, FL practice to schedule a complimentary consultation.