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7 Essential Oils That Can Actually Help You Sleep Better Tonight

November 5, 2019

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You may have heard of aromatherapy in the past, as it has become increasingly popular over the past decade. However, did you know that it has been practiced for literally thousands of years? When it comes to getting a better night’s sleep, it turns out that there are many different scents for you to consider. To learn more about using essential oils for sleep in Lutz and which ones you should be using before bed tonight, keep reading!


For a very long time, lavender has been associated with relaxation and sleep, making it the perfect place to start as you consider your options. It is by far the most tested oil, and the research has shown that it can have sedative effects. Use it if your goal is to improve sleep quality, increase the amount that you sleep, elevate your daytime alertness, and alleviate insomnia.


Vanilla is another one of the more commonly known essential oils, especially for providing relaxation and stress-relief. Not only has it been shown to have sedative effects on the body, but it can reduce hyperactivity and restlessness, quiet the nervous system, and lower your blood pressure. If you already love the smell of fresh-baked cookies, here’s a way to enjoy it without packing on pounds in the process.

Rose and Geranium

Rose and geranium are both floral in nature, making them ideal for reducing stress and anxiety. These oils can also be combined with other oils, so mix and match until you find one that’s right for you!


Jasmine is also floral in nature, however, it’s a bit sweeter than rose or geranium. It’s believed to actually cut down on restlessness while sleeping, improve your overall sleep quality, and lower anxiety, even more so than lavender!

Sandalwood (for some)

Sandalwood is one of the oldest essential oils out there today. Its rich woody and earthy scent is ideal for reducing anxiety and making you feel relaxed. It’s also shown to have sedative effects, making it an ideal oil for those with insomnia. But, there is also evidence to suggest that it can increase wakefulness and alertness in some people. Be sure to keep this in mind when using it, as it might be better for waking up in the morning than going to bed!


Similar to sandalwood, citrus can help you relax and sleep or make you alert, depending on your unique reaction. It can also depend on the type of oil used. If you enjoy citrus and it helps you get to sleep, consider either Bergamot (a type of orange) or lemon oil, both of which have demonstrated anxiety and depression-relieving effects.

Ready to break out the diffuser before you go to bed tonight? Consider these oils! If you still have sleep issues after trying these oils, you may have a bigger problem, like sleep apnea. If you need additional help getting rest or have untreated sleep apnea in Lutz, don’t hesitate to contact a sleep dentist today!

About the Author

Dr. Jay A. Nelson is trained in sleep dentistry and happy to provide you with comprehensive treatment for your sleep ailment. He has sought out extensive postgraduate education in dental sleep medicine and is currently a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine as well as many other professional associations. To learn more or schedule an appointment to get a sleep screening, you can contact him through his website.

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