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If I Give Up Caffeine, Do I Still Need Sleep Testing in Wesley Chapel?

March 9, 2018

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Man holding coffee cupDo you enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning? Maybe you look forward to a cool soda on a summer day? Let’s face it. You like your caffeine. Although you know that it is addictive and that it may not necessarily be good for you, if you have signs of sleep apnea, you may want to give it up. In some cases, caffeine may be the cause of many symptoms that you are experiencing; however, if giving it up does not help, it may be time to undergo sleep testing in Wesley Chapel to ensure that there is not a larger underlying issue.

Why Should I Give Up Caffeine?

It is no secret that caffeine is addictive. In fact, over time it will change your brain’s chemistry, causing you to need more to achieve the same results. Although it may be hard, you can break the cycle and improve your quality of life by cutting the addiction.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you are experiencing high blood pressure, caffeine may be the cause because it makes your heart work harder. If cutting caffeine from your diet does not lower your blood pressure, sleep apnea may also be the cause. Sleep apnea is linked to cardiovascular complications due to the extra strain it places on your heart from the pauses in breathing. If you are still having issues despite reducing your caffeine consumption, it is best to be tested for the sleep disorder.

Improve Your Sleep Quality

Caffeine is a stimulant, which can reduce your ability to receive quality sleep. It can take 4 to 6 hours for just half of the amount of caffeine you have consumed to wear off. Cutting caffeine from your day can help to improve your sleep quality. This is important if you suffer from sleep apnea because the condition can make it difficult to reach REM sleep. As a result, you can develop daytime fatigue and sleep deprivation. To promote a restful night’s sleep, limit how much caffeine you drink throughout the day.

Lower Your Weight

Caffeinated beverages often contain large amounts of calories, which are bad for your waistline. This can cause you to pack on extra pounds. If you are overweight, it significantly increases your risk for several health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and sleep apnea. By removing caffeine from your diet, you will help to promote a trim waistline while improving your general health.

Improve Your Life Today

If you have developed troubling symptoms that impact your quality of life, like moods swings, poor sleep quality, or headaches, cutting caffeine from your diet can help. If it fails to provide you with the improvement you need, it is best to be tested for sleep apnea to ensure there is not a larger issue.

About Dr. Jay A. Nelson

Dr. Jay A. Nelson provides comprehensive dental services to the community. In addition, he also offers sleep apnea treatment in Wesley Chapel. If you are having symptoms of the condition, contact our office today to get the relief you need.



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